To fight Islamophobia, we need social mobilization

I am delighted that people are eager to fight Islamophobia through legal policies, but I wonder when we will grow to demonstrate the same level of commitment to the social mobilization that will actually force the legal process to respond to it. That social mobilization will necessitate for Muslims to form increasingly deep and meaningful alliances (as some people have already done) with civil rights organizations, African-American organizations, Hispanic organizations, immigrant rights organizations, women’s rights organizations, gay/lesbian groups, and others.

The Racism of New York Times’ “Muslims are not ready for Democracy”

What is perhaps most frustrating about the NY Times’ “mental deficiency” language vis-a-vis Muslims and democracy is that this language is simply a continuation of a colonial apologia where Western countries colonizing and occupying, Muslim (and other) countries justified their lingering oppression by stating that these countries “were not ready to rule themselves”, “lacked the mental qualifications needed for self-governance”, etc. This colonial—which is to say, unjust and oppressive—worldview must be exposed and dismantled before we can embrace a more holistic and humanistic paradigm.