A rebuttal to Obama’s war against Syria: a point by point refutation

The President said he wanted to have a debate on Syria. Let’s give him one. Let us start by reminding him of the real teachings of the same Dr. King on peace and justice that he and others have so thoroughly sought to appropriate. What is at stake is both the fate of the suffering citizens of Syria and the fate of our own democracy. We are, as King told us, caught in this inescapable network of mutuality.

Sounds of Protest: Les Miserables, Gezi Park, and the Power of Music

Ultimately that’s what so amazing about music at Gezi park. It’s not about the notes. It’s not about the words, or the melodies. It’s ultimately about us, all of us. It’s about the power of music to unite all of us. It’s about this new global generation of humanity who care about the well-being of one another beyond the narrow confines of nationality, race, creed, or class, that give us hope. They give us hope that they will be able to sing together, make music together, make love together, and make of this old world, a new world.

A prayer for Syria

As I listen to the American plans to arm the Syrian rebels, and ponder the 93,000 (and counting) confirmed dead…
As I reflect on the crimes of the mass murderer Bashar al-Assad, a prayer rises up in my heart.
The answer is not in further arming, but in disarming the whole of humanity.