The question we should be asking about Brandeis, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Islam

In rescinding the honorary award for Hirsi Ali, Brandeis did the right thing. Eventually. But perhaps we should be asking another question: how could Brandeis have chosen such a hateful person whose views are easily exposed through a simple Google search in the first place? And would such views be tolerated, and rewarded, had they been made about other ethnic and religious communities?

Gratitude in the midst of an ice storm: Fallen trees, friends, and the storms of life

And here, in this awesomely beautiful and frightening ice storm, there is also beauty: friends reaching out to friends. There is something about storms of life that strip us to our core, literally to our heart. And what a joy to discover that there, in the mist of the storm, people are good and beautiful, that our primal instinct is to connect our lives, to reach out in love and service.