2013: The top 14 Muslim news stories of the past year

2013 was a bloody, difficult, unraveling year for many Muslims around the world. May 2014 be a year that sees the discomforted comforted, the orphans cared for, the hungry fed, the naked clothed, the homeless provided with shelter. May there be a widening of the circle of compassion, may there be a real peace rooted in justice, and above all else, may all of us be participants in making it so.

Fire of love: Doing love beyond sentimentality

As is the case with all that is most beautiful and yet most disruptive in this world, we keep relegating love to a safe realm where we are not threatened by its power. One way we do this with love is to conceive of love as an emotion. It is radically not so. Love is not a feeling, not a sentiment.