The Bible speaks of a love that is strong as death:

Set me as a seal upon thine heart,
as a seal upon thine arm;
for love is strong as death;
(Song of Songs 8:6).

Every once in a while, and if we are blessed in this lifetime, we get to have a love that is stronger than death.

This is a love that comes from pre-eternity, and will endure beyond this life, beyond death.

Brenda Schmitz

Brenda Schmitz

Here is the story of a beautiful love of a dying woman for her husband, a love that is, indeed, stronger than death.  This is story of Brenda Schmitz, who left behind a wish for her husband, to be revealed to him after she knew she would have succumbed to cancer.  She wrote letters to her husband, his future wife, and all of their children.

To love like this is to love someone for the sake of their own happiness, beyond our own.
To love like this is to love when love has become detached from ego.
That is the love of a lifetime.
This is love, Divine, taking on human form.

Do watch the short video (and the full story) here.

For more, see the fuller video.  Get a kleenex box, or two.

Long live love, the love that is stronger than death.
As a movie line said once, death can not stop true love.  All it can do is to delay it for a while.

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