Iranian woman rouhani supporter

Iranian woman rouhani supporter

Iran continues to be in the news:  President Rouhani, the nuclear negotiations, the intrigue with Iranian-US-Israeli relations, and more.

And yet most Americans are puzzled about the complexities of Iran’s recent history, and the subtleties of how the closest American ally in the Middle East came to be perceived as such a strident foe.     How did we get to this point, and how do we get back to a place of mutually respectful relations?

If you want the answer, and you have fifteen minutes, do this:

1)  download the powerpoint series of images on this slideshow.  It contains a series of images that go over the history of Iran over the last century.

2)  listen to this 15-minute talk by yours truly (who when not blogging is a professor of Islamic studies focusing on Iran).

As I mention in the talk, yeah, it is a challenge to cram a civilization that has a 5,000 year history, with 3500 years of it being recorded, into 15 minutes.    We tried…. [ok, we focused on the last 100 years.]


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