Peyton being introduced in his return to Colts

Peyton being introduced in his return to Colts

This post is only for those who believe—nay, know—that the Lord of all the Universe cares deeply and passionately about sports.

For ye infidels and agnostics to the God of sports, this is not for you.  Move on.

For those of us who believe that our prayer and petition has an efficacious effect on the bounce of a ball here and there, read on.


Dear God-of-sports:

I don’t ask for much.

I only beseech you on Saturdays and Sundays.   Ok, the occasional basketball game on Mondays and Wednesdays.   The Odd Monday night football game.

I don’t ask for much.   Only the eternal humiliation of Yankees.  (thanks for that, BTW.  Really well done.)    And for Duke to win a national championship once every few years.    And for the best players for my rivals to go pro after one year.   And for colonized countries to defeat their colonizers in the World Cup.

I have got something important to ask.
Please, for the sake of all that I hold dear, I

Peyton Manning, farewell to Indianapolis press conference

Peyton Manning, farewell to Indianapolis press conference

ask for Peyton to have a good game tonight.   No, let him have a great night.  An Epic Night.

I have watched him since he was a Tennessee Volunteer.  I was (and am) a Gators fan, but I couldn’t help but respect him then.

I pulled for him year after year when he was with the colts, and got my heart broken often.   I celebrated his Super Bowl victory.

I wept, wept, when he left the Colts.  I marveled at the class he showed upon saying farewell.   I so wish I could have that kind of class in the most difficult moments of my life.

And now I am watching Peyton in Denver, turning this most violent of games into a cerebral event, a chess game, a beautiful game.

Dear God-of-sports, for tonight, let Peyton have a glorious game.    Let him triumph in his return to Indianapolis.   Not to humiliate the Colts, mind you.  The people of Indianapolis are good folks, and good for them to have Andrew Luck.   But let this be Peyton’s night.    Let us pause and give thanks for class embodied.

We pray this in the name of all your beautiful names.

Ya Fattah.
Go Peyton.

(Damn the Yankees.)
(Go Duke.)
Go Peyton.

And thank you for the memories.

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