I have previously written about ALEC’s anti-democratic, anti-environment, pro-“Stand Your Ground”, pro-gun, anti-voting secretive legislative gang here:

ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, is holding their annual meeting now in Chicago.

And who’s their headline speaker?

American Legislative Exchange Council

American Legislative Exchange Council from Wikipedia

Jeb Bush.  Yes, that Jeb Bush who is still being discussed as a dream Republican presidential candidate.   And this does not bode well for the Republican Party’s soul.

I am not a Republican or a Democratic.  But if you are going to be a Republican, at least be a democrat (small d), not one who headlines for one of the most subversive organizations to divert democracy away from the people and into the hands of a secretive unelected cabal.

If the Republican party is going to be a viable political voice in America, it needs to rediscover its soul.    It needs to abandon its rootless embrace of secretive anti-democratic policies that privilege the few and the powerful, and embrace the many people on whose behalf it claims to speak.

There is a fundamental disconnect between Republican ideology and its claimed constituency.  ALEC’s politics are the very antithesis of the “wholesome” image of Americana the Republican Party is marketing for itself.

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