Justin Bieber (from Shutterstock)

Justin Bieber (from Shutterstock)

In a recent concert in Istanbul, Justin Bieber stopped his concert twice for the Islamic call to prayer (adhan/azan).    The crowd was at first puzzled, and then delighted at the Biebster’s display of religious sensitivity.

Here is a good recording of the call to prayer.   and an English translation here.

Why would The Biebster do that?   Out of respect.

Many Muslims, even the ones who may not rush to prayer, still turn the music down or even pause from activity to acknowledge the call of the Divine.
It is a reminder that for most of us, we live our daily lives in ignorance of God.

When we forget about God, we forget about our own selves.
So pausing to stop and reflect at the moment of the call to prayer is a reminder of the need to live a fully human life, as God intended for us to live: to see all of us as creatures created by God, intended to know and love God.

Of course there are those who see any sort of “cultural/religious” sensitivity towards Islam as a sign of “Shari’a creep”, the delusional plot that Islam is somehow taking….over…the world.

The Pinky and The Brain

The Pinky and The Brain

You know, kind of like the Pinky and the Brain cartoon from my childhood, but browner, and more eeeevil.
One of these folks who suffers from delusions of “Shari’a creep” is Newt Gingrich, who believes that Islamic law is “totally abhorrent to the Western world.”

And this guy was almost the Republican nominee for president.

We have seen previously how Muslims with a good sense of humor turned the paranoia of Shari’a on its head.

But humor didn’t help us take…over…the world.
So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the latest weapon for the Muslim take over…of…the world:   Justin Bieber.

Yes, first we’ll have teenager girls swooning after him.
Soon, we’ll take over the world.

Excellent, excellent, the plan is working.

Insha’allah.   (as long as that doesn’t mark us as a radical)

Way to go, Justin.

Either that, or maybe the Biebster is just reminding us that pacé the delusional paranoia of Islamophobes, sometimes it’s just ok to be culturally respectful of other people’s traditions.*

It’s ok people, we can all live together on this very small planet.
Now, here is a way to see Fox News brought down to its knees.
Fox, please go after Justin Bieber as a closet Islamist .
Do it, for the love of God.

Justin Bieber concert in Istanbul

Justin Bieber concert in Istanbul

Then be prepared to feel the rash of the Belieber Army…of Jihadist?     And this is a global army of Beliebers.  Justin Bieber fan sites all over the world had images of the concert.

Excellent….It’s working.

Even if we can’t establish an Islamic state all over the world, at least we can bring down Fox News.
That’s almost as good.



First Bieber image is from Shutterstock.  Second image is from global Bieber fan sites.     Pinky and the Brain is from Wikipedia.
*URL link to Center for American Progress’ Fear, Inc. added.


  1. Would a muslim entertainer stop for the ringing of the Angelus? More likely he would demand that it be stopped because Mohammed didn’t like the ringing of church bells.

  2. I have never understood who or what Muslims are thinking of when they hear the azan (call to prayer). At first I was told we all believe in the same God and that is what they are relating to. However, it became very clear, after marriage and the arrival of our first children, that this was not the case. Allah has nothing to do with the Trinity–is not God The Father and never spoken of like that because Prophet Muhammed made it clear his followers were not to refer to himself or Allah in those terms and this was recorded in the Hadiths. Also, Allah is not Prophet Muhammed or Jesus or anyone like that–Allah does not beget nor is begotten. And finally, most definitely is not the Holy Spirit or Ghost–every time I tried to go down that road I got an incredibly strong negative reaction and was very emphatically told all of the Trinity is wrong because it depicts three gods the Christians invented, and they are the ones being referred to as having gone astray in the azan, as they became idolaters after coming up with it. Also, my collection of scriptures and books on spirituality were disposed of without my knowledge or consent because all the ideas of God contained within them were wrong or non-existent. So who/what are Muslims respecting and expecting others to respect? Not God The Father, not Jesus or any other human, not the Holy Spirit (or Ghost), definitely not the God of any other religion such as Hinduism, not the God in the Old Testament (The Father again), and not the Pagan god/s. Is it a guessing game? A riddle? What on earth are we expected to respect? Their culture? Their history? Their feelings? And why, when they do not seem willing to respect cultures, histories and feelings different from their own?

  3. As a Republican who was very involved in the 2012 primaries, I would just like to clarify that Newt Gingrich was NEVER going to be our nominee…his support in SC and GA was a mere blip on the radar.

    As for Bieber, it’s a simple case of respect. We do not have to worry about who started the conflict so long as we realize we are the ones who can start the peace.

  4. The greatest respect that justin gave to islam and show for the muslims,we’re very thanks to him may god bless his life ameen,i hope insha allahu rabbi (jb) will convert to islam ameen.

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