Heba Abolaban:  American Muslim targeted in hate crime

Omid Safi

Omid Safi

Omid Safi is a Professor of Islamic Studies at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, specializing in contemporary Islamic thought and classical Islam. He leads educational tours to Turkey every summer, through Illuminated Tours: http://www.illuminatedtours.com


  1. I mostly liked your piece. However, I find it offensive that your religion compels women to cover their heads. It’s mean and discriminating. How come you don’t wage a campaign to allow the Saudi govt. to allow women to drive? You’re no better than than the Catholic church.

  2. “I find it offensive that your religion compels women to cover their heads”??? Seriously? Are you so ignorant about Islam? Don’t you know that hundreds of millions of Muslims women don’t wear headscarf? Some Muslims think that this is obligatory, but some think that related verse should be interpreted differently. So that’s their business, btw them and God depending on how they read the verse and its intention. Muslims don’t have a church to mediate btw them and God, and to establish an accurate orthodoxy and official heresy. Besides, not only women, but men are likewise encouraged to wear humbly. Having said that, “the best of garments is God-consciousness,” says the Qur’an, and adds that “you are the garment of each other”.
    About Saudi Arabia: are you joking?? it is always the Muslims who constantly criticize Saudis, but the West is more busy with vilifying Iran and warmongering for obvious economic and political reasons. Saudis are the best allies of the west in the Middle East, and the hypocrisy in western politics is blatant.

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