White privilege

Omid Safi

Omid Safi

Omid Safi is a Professor of Islamic Studies at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, specializing in contemporary Islamic thought and classical Islam. He leads educational tours to Turkey every summer, through Illuminated Tours: http://www.illuminatedtours.com


  1. Barbara A Neeby

    Thank you so much for laying out your thoughts in such fashion!
    I have been lamenting some of your same thoughts. It saddened me that in typical media fashion of today the TV land folks were trying so hard to help Americans understand the Chesnian Muslim connection??
    How they played over & over that these two brothers were so well rounded and established in sports and social life … When if they had listened to themselves they would have heard how isolated from friends & family these two brothers appeared to become in the three years since high school .
    I was saddened for their dad who no longer in the states and separated from his sons got word from a news reporter( who seemed to have a heart) who kindly kept him abreast of the activities surrounding his sons. I was saddened for the 3 year old who will forever more bare the scars of her dead fathers actions. My heart ached for the two messed up brothers on the run with such a mob scene mentality chasing them. I felt as sad & badly for them and their families as I did for the victims of their heinous crimes. Pain of the soul& the mind knows no color, class distinction or religious distinction. We are all human beings. Some healthier & luckier than others. But we all bleed & hurt!
    So thank you for your shared written thoughts … They so helped to soothe this sorrowful soul!
    I will share it in hopes that it will enlighten some and cause others to think about their thoughts of ill will toward those they do not even know!
    Barbara A Newby

  2. James Averill

    Thank you for the courage you have displayed and the thoughtfulness, caring, and love of humanity that is expressed in your article, 10 Essential Points about the Boston Marathon. I have been extremely upset about this, more over the tainted media coverage.

    I have had the opportunity, no strike that, the honor to have worked with over my career with two Muslims. I have found them extremely devoted to there religion, outstanding co-workers and extremely loyal to the United States that has afforded them the same opportunities I and so many in our great country have.

    You know, a mind that does not know is a dangerous thing. I suppose had I not met these people, worked with them I would not have a better understanding. It has been through that understanding and dialogue that I have learned something the rest of Christianity needs to learn. We are the children of …. here is the key now…. we are all children of the same GOD. The only difference between us is how we worship our GOD. I don’t think GOD cares how we worship or honor him for all the blessings we are given, but that we give thanks, and live our lives to our fullest potential.

    With that being said, “Thank you GOD, for having provided me with the blessing or understanding, love, caring and the ability even in this tragic time to forgive. I know with all my heart that you will prevail over evil and see that your justice and justice of those who have been hurt and harmed will prevail. Strengthen me each day my Lord and please, hear my prayer, to send your blessing of understanding, peace and love to those who need it so much.”


  3. Extremely well written….just wish more people would understand that no religion teaches to kill. It is only the misguided and disillusioned people who make it seem like that. The reasons for this can be varied from basic poverty in countries such as mine (India) to pure brainwashing of young minds by religious leaders in developed countries… its a sad state but to stop this vicious cycle, we need to realize that its not any one religion’s call it an individual call!!!

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