When suffering comes, I try to sit with suffering before responding.
A day for analysis and even justice will come, but that is not today.

Today, dear Lord, let me open my heart to take in this suffering, and sit with human beings who are hurting.

Someone plotted to bring horrible suffering to many today in Boston.
Many more ran into the scene to offer help, blood and comfort.

Some are using this story to perpetuate hatred against this ethnic group or that religious group.
Some are urging us to pray to the One for all of us.

Where do we stand?
What choice do we make?
Do we hate, or do we pray?

Many tend to give up on humanity on days like this.
It is a natural urge, but do not.

Don’t let the viciousness of a few who plot such hatred, or the few who fan the flames of hatred, let you lose sight of the humanity in our midst.

The humanity, the full humanity, is with us in all those who run towards danger out of compassion.
The humanity is there when our love for our fellow human beings is greater than our concern for ourselves.
The humanity is there inside all of us who see in the suffering of these human beings our own suffering, and reach out to them.

o-MISTER-ROGERS-HELPERS-QUOTE-570Mr. Rogers was right:  “Look for the helpers. You’ll always find people who are helping.”  Here is a video of Mr. Rogers.   
Sometimes the best advice is timeless.

The only thing that will drive out evil is goodness.

The only way to defeat darkness is with light.

The only way to repel hatred is with love.

Run towards the good, with light, armed with love.

Prayers to all in Boston, and all over this world who are affected by this tragedy.


Image of Mr. Rogers is from here.

First responder image is from Twitter.



  1. I thought of you last night. I’m at Harvard for a week-long course. Class continued after the explosion, but then they closed the university an hour or so later. There are people from all over the world in this class, so I took a page from the New York play book. I knew many people on 9/11 who found themselves sitting in bars watching tv with strangers who then became friends. A bunch of us ended up doing exactly that last night – then we hit a nearby restaurant for a spirited, curry-laden discussion in which five continents were represented, and we did our best to support that business on a night when they should have had every table filled. I don’t know if there’s a proper response when you are near, not in, a security crisis – but this global, raucous crowd of deep thinkers seemed like exactly where I was meant to be in that moment.

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