Malala Yousufzai has been released from the hospital, and is ready to resume her Jihad.


Upon being released from the hospital in the UK where she has been treated for the bullet lodged in her skull from the Taliban cowards, Malala has been sent home for recovery.    Her father states that she is ready to “Rise Again.”

Malala is ready to embark on the her Jihad.

Recently we have seen many campaigns whereby Muslims are reclaiming the concept of jihad by attributing their own interpretation of #MyJihad.

Malala’s jihad is a struggle against patriarchy, discrimination, and for girl’s education.

There was a time that a lesser jihad would be waged with swords.

Malalai Yousafzai

Today, the jihads consist of connecting together the struggle against the demons of our own selves with the struggle against poverty, injustice, occupation, violence, environmental destruction, and patriarchy.

Spiritual growth inward, connected to struggle for justice out in the world.     This is the greatest jihad.

Malala is the kind of jihadist this world needs, and urgently.

Rise again, Great Jihadist.




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